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GSDCP Show Season 2014-2015

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  • Muzafar Husain (President KCP and GSDCP) with Vico Weindorfstrasse Best in Show at Karachi February 1981
  • Apollo vom Westerwenn - Pakistan Sieger 2014

Welcome To The GSDCP

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan (GSDCP) is the country’s oldest specialty breed club. As a non-profit organization, the GSDCP is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog in Pakistan.

The GSDCP encourages fellowship and strives to assist in the education of its members, and the public, to a better understanding of the breed, responsible breeding practices, and responsible dog ownership.

The purpose of this website is to provide information and general understanding of the breed to the public and provide online services and facilities to our members. We trust you will find the information contained on this site both interesting and informative.

Important Notice!

All members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan are hereby informed that if a dog is shown in any dog show not sanctioned or recognized by the Kennel Club of Pakistan, or otherwise participates in any activity not authorized by the club, the Dog’s registration with the club will immediately and automatically be cancelled, without any further notice. Progeny of such dogs will also not be registered with the club, starting from the day of the Dog’s de-registration from the club. All members, in their own interest, are cautioned to remain vigilant.

Members are requested to consult the following web-sites to re-confirm the list of dog shows/other activities approved by the Kennel Club of Pakistan, and affiliated clubs.

Kennel Club of Pakistan –
German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan –
Rottweiler Club of Pakistan –

Members may contact the respective secretaries of these clubs for more information or details. Their contact addresses are as follows:

Secretary KCP –
Secretary GSDCP –
Secratry RCP –

Important Notice!

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