Show Schedule & Entries

Show Season 2015 -2016

Entries for the Show Season 2015 - 2016 are underway. Don't miss out on a great show season. Enter your dogs today!
Show Schedule & Entries
  • President GSDCP, Mr. Imran Husain with President of FCI, Mr. Rafael De Santiago and President of WUSV, Herr Wolfgang Henke
  • Muzafar Husain (President KCP and GSDCP) with Vico Weindorfstrasse Best in Show at Karachi February 1981
  • Apollo vom Westerwenn - Pakistan Sieger 2014

Welcome to the GSDCP

The GSDCP is the country’s oldest specialty breed club. As a non-profit organization, the GSDCP is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog in Pakistan.

The GSDCP encourages fellowship and strives to assist in the education of its members, and the public, to a better understanding of the breed, responsible breeding practices, and responsible dog ownership.

The purpose of this website is to provide information and general understanding of the breed to the public and provide online services and facilities to our members. We trust you will find the information contained on this site both interesting and informative.

The GSDCP and the WUSV

The Club was formed to promote the breeding, keeping and training of the German Shepherd Dog along the lines of the ideals promoted by the Weltunion für Deutsche Schäferhunde Vereine (WUSV), which was formed as the extension of the European Union in 1976. The GSDCP became a full-fledged member of the WUSV in 1981 and has since then played a very active role in the affairs of the WUSV.

Our President Mr. Imran Husain was re-elected to the WUSV Board of Directors on September 8, 2014, at the WUSV General Assembly in Nürnberg! It is through sheer hard work, dedication and great passion for the German Shepherd Dog, that he continues to do a tremendous job at representing Pakistan and the GSDCP, internationally!

The WUSV Board of Directors 2014 – 2018

President – Professor Dr. Heinrich Meßler (Germany)
Vice President – Herr Wolfgang Tauber (Austria)
Member – Mr. Imran Husain (Pakistan)
Member – Mr. Francis Reuter (France)

WUSV Membership Certificate Issued to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan in 1981
Important Notice!

Notice – Termination of Membership

It is notified that the membership of Mr. Saad Saleem (Membership No. T-1049), Mr. Anwar Husain (Membership No. P-003), Mr. Faisal Khan (Membership No. P-050), Mr. Ammad Zafar Cheema (Membership No. T-1054) and Mr. Haroon Sadiq (Membership No. T-1048), has been terminated vide Resolution Number 2015-011 dated August 07, 2015, reproduced below:

“Resolution by Circulation of the Managing Committee GSDCP

Resolution: 2015-011
Dated: August 7, 2015

It has come to the knowledge of the members of the Managing Committee that Mr. Saad Saleem (Membership No. T-1049) along with 4 other members, namely Mr. Anwar Husain (Membership No. P-003), Mr. Faisal Khan (Membership No. P-050), Mr. Ammad Zafar Cheema (Membership No. T-1054) and Mr. Haroon Sadiq (Membership No. T-1048) have formed a parallel organization by the same name and have acquired a license under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

In consideration of the above it is resolved that the membership of the said five be terminated with immediate effect for having acted against the interest of the club.

It is further resolved that all benefits and services that they have availed, including registrations, pedigrees, breed surveys and awards be – and are – hereby withdrawn/revoked.”

Some Statistics from 2014

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