Dear Members,

Going by an educated estimate, Babesiosis/Tick-Fever is the most potent killer affecting dogs in Pakistan at the moment. It is caused by a parasite in the blood of our dogs, which is very commonly and easily transmitted across through the common tick. This parasite can stay hidden inside a dog – without the dog showing any clinical signs for long periods – only to bring the dog down generally with high grade fever as the most common clinical symptom. Very often the dog keeps on eating well and with seemingly very good levels of activity also, till the fever has already climbed to 104*C or higher!! There does exist a test to detect this parasite in the blood, and most laboratories should be able to conduct it also, but unfortunately the results may not be very accurate.

At the same time, it is extremely important for us to eradicate this disease from our breed, and it will require a dedicated effort on our part. Your club is going to support you in this effort, and you can now go to the following Veterinary Doctors to get protective shots given to your dogs, completely free of cost.

Dr. Asim Khalid: 0300 840 6873
Asim Pets Clinic
DHA, Model Town, Faisal Town,

Dr. Faisal Khan: 0333 517 0666
Pets and Vets

Dr. Mohammad Saqlain: 0300 726 1627
Pet Care Clinic
Small D Ground,

Dr. Kamran Shah: 0300 414 9597, 0333 414 95597

Your local Group Breed Wardens will also be able to provide you the same service, wherever it is considered more convenient. Your dog’s microchip number will be checked before it is given the shot.

We wish you and your dogs the best of health and happiness!