Reg Number: KP 23371
Whelped: July 11, 2012
DNA Status: Stored
Microchip / Tattoo No: LR-1090
Survey Period: 2014 - 2015
HD / ED: - / - 
Owner(s): Kamran Mehtab Butt

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I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents




General Information
Height At Withers:56.00, , cmDepth Of Chest:26.00 cm
Chest Circumference:74 cmWeight:25.00 kg
Pigment:SufficientColour & Markings:Black - Gold
Hair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Medium size, medium strong female, with good head. Normal wither, sufficiently firm back, the croup could be slightly longer and slightly better laid. Well-developed fore-chest, good front-angulation, where upper arm could be slightly better angulated. Good under-line, good hind-angulation. Slightly east-west front, sufficiently firm hocks. Straight coming, close going, shows ground covering, spacious side movement with good hind-thrust. Steady nerves.

Temperament Test and Gun Sureness:
Nerves:FirmNon Self-consciousness:Present
Gun Sureness:PresentInstinctive Behavior, Self-Confidence, Resilience:Pronounced

Structural Evaluation Whilst Standing and During Movement:
Gender Characteristics:PronouncedConstitution:Medium Strong
Expression:LivelyProportions:Ideally Stretched; Slightly Narrow
Bones:Medium StrongMusculature:Sufficiently Strong
Stand And Limbs – Front:GoodStand And Limbs – Rear:Good
Back:Sufficiently FirmElbow Closure:Very Good
Front Pastern Firmness:GoodFront:Slightly Open Stand
Croup:Slightly Short; Slightly DeepHock Firmness:Good
Eye Colour:DarkUpper Jaw:Strong
Lower Jaw:Strong

Particular Virtues and Faults:
Female of absolute medium size. P2 lower-left missing. Coat could be a little more dense.

Advice, Recommendations & Warnings for Selection of a Breeding Partner:
Strong, substantial dog with perfect complete dentition, good hair and coat.

Breed Surveyor Ahmed Virk


Dog shows / Work results
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