Reg Number: KP 8778
Whelped: July 26, 2003
DNA Status: Proven
Foreign Reg #: SZ-2128878
Microchip / Tattoo No: P-M 5303
Survey Period: 2006 - 2007
HD / ED: Normal / Normal  Achievements: SchH3

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I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents
  • Xadro von Bad-Boll (VA(I))
  • December 31, 2000

  • SZ-2079941

  • HD / ED Normal - Just Allowed
    DNA Stored.

  • Ghandi von Arlett (VA(BSZS+A+B))
  • November 02, 1998

  • SZ-2031121

  • HD / ED Normal - Normal
    DNA Proven.

  • Ulana von Deodatus (V)
  • October 25, 1996

  • LOSH-793357

  • HD / ED a zuerkannt -
    DNA Not Available.



General Information
Height At Withers:64.50 cmDepth Of Chest:30.00 cm
Chest Circumference:78 cmWeight:36.00 kg
Colour & Markings:Black - BrownHair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Dog of the desired size, medium build, very good type and expression, strong head, high withers, straight back, croup of good length is slightly low-set, very good angulations fore and hind, developed fore chest proportions, straight front, parallel fore and hind, far reaching, roomy gait. Positive character. TSB pronounced; releases.

Breed Surveyor Bösl

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Dog shows / Work results
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