Reg Number: KP 21264
Whelped: January 16, 2011
DNA Status: Stored
Microchip / Tattoo No: LR-0504
Survey Period: Life
HD / ED: - / - 
Owner(s): Anas Ahmed

Pedigree: View Full Pedigree

I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents
  • Quantum von Arminius (VA(BSZS))
  • November 29, 1999

  • SZ-2055986

  • HD / ED Almost Normal - Normal
    DNA Proven.

  • Kira von Lacroz (V)
  • September 23, 2000

  • SZ-2081730

  • HD / ED Normal -
    DNA Stored.




General Information
Height At Withers:, , cmColour & Markings:Black - Brown
Hair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Above medium size, medium build, expressive, strong head, high wither, stretched, the back needs firmness, well pigmented, very good length and lay of croup. Straight front, good front and very good hind angulation, good breast proportion, parallel movement coming and going. Gaits with ground-covering front reach with sufficiently strong hind thrust. Positive nerves WA2015: 4 year old male shown in good overall condition. The teeth show premature wear, where I-1, upper right and I-1 lower left and right are worn down to the base. Shows good overall firmness and vigour. Good movement. Surveyed for life.

Dog shows / Work results
Ms. Heather MacdonaldOpenV62017-01-21Karachi
Mr. Ahmed VirkOpenV42016-12-04Karachi
Mr. Imran HusainOpenSG12014-11-30Karachi

V * Byron vom Humaz