Reg Number: KP 30300
Whelped: March 03, 2013
DNA Status: Proven
Foreign Reg #: JR-809814
Microchip / Tattoo No: 688052000043180
Survey Period: 2015 - 2016
HD / ED: - / - 
Owner(s): Mohammad Bilal Ashraf

Pedigree: View Full Pedigree

I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents
  • Tyson Fixfrutta (VA(CR+SRB))
  • June 14, 2011

  • JR-739114

  • HD / ED Normal - Normal
    DNA Proven.

  • Vegas du Haut Mansard (VA(BSZS+E+I))
  • March 16, 2004

  • LOF-569091

  • HD / ED Almost Normal - Normal
    DNA Proven.



General Information
Height At Withers:, , cmColour & Markings:Black - Tan
Hair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Above medium size, medium build, very good head, expressive, good topline, well placed croup, slightly short. Straight front, would have liked better angulation of the upper-arm, very good hind angulations, very good breast proportions, moves parallel coming & going. Gaits with ground-covering front reach with strong hind thrust. Positive nerves.

Particular Virtues and Faults:

Breed Surveyor Mr. Saif Baig


Dog shows / Work results
Mr. Saif BaigYouthSG92015-01-25Okara

SG * Delta vom Team Panoniansee