Reg Number: KP 50385
Whelped: November 25, 2015
DNA Status: Proven
Foreign Reg #: SZ-2321498
Microchip / Tattoo No: 981189900061679
Survey Period: 2018 - 2019
HD / ED: Normal / Normal 
Owner(s): CH. Muhammad Sohail Ashraf

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I Parents
II Grand Parents
III G.Grand Parents




General Information
Height At Withers:63.5, 63.5, 63.5 cmDepth Of Chest:29.00 cm
Chest Circumference:85 cmWeight:34.00 kg
Pigment:RichColour & Markings:Black - Brown
Testicles:Strong, Well DevelopedHair:Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:
Medium size, medium strong, well pigmented dog with good head, eyes could be a little darker. High wither, sufficiently firm back, slightly short, slightly deep croup. Well developed forechest, good front angulation where the upper arm could be better angulated. Good underline, very good hind angulation. Straight front, firm straight hocks. Moves straight in the front, slightly narrow in the hinds. Shows sufficient ground coverage with positive hind thrust. Steady positive nerves.

Temperament Test and Gun Sureness:
Nerves:FirmNon Self-consciousness:Present
Gun Sureness:PresentInstinctive Behavior, Self-Confidence, Resilience:Pronounced

Structural Evaluation Whilst Standing and During Movement:
Gender Characteristics:PronouncedConstitution:Medium Strong
Expression:LivelyProportions:Ideally Stretched
Bones:Medium StrongMusculature:Sufficiently Strong
Stand And Limbs – Front:Very GoodStand And Limbs – Rear:Very Good
Back:Sufficiently FirmElbow Closure:Very Good
Front Pastern Firmness:GoodFront:Straight
Croup:Deep; ; Slightly ShortHock Firmness:Good
Gait:Rear Narrow Movement; Front Straight MovementTrot Front:Good
Trot Hind Thrust:PositiveNails:Dark
Feet:Rear Round; Front RoundHead:Strong
Eye Colour:YellowishUpper Jaw:Strong
Lower Jaw:StrongBite:Scissor Bite; Strong; Healthy

Particular Virtues and Faults:
Absolute medium size.

Advice, Recommendations & Warnings for Selection of a Breeding Partner:
To correct size.
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