Breeding Rules

  1. The breeding age for male dogs is 24 months and for females 20 months. It is further clarified that the female must be 20 months or more when the actual mating takes place.
  2. If pups are born from either a male or a female who is not breed surveyed then those pups will be issued with White Papers. If, however, either or both parents are subsequently surveyed, the breeder (only the breeder of the litter) can apply for all the pups born prior to be issued with Pink Papers after surrendering the White Papers. NO OWNER CAN APPLY FOR ISSUANCE OF PAPERS FOR A PUPPY.
  3. The closest line breeding permissible is 3-3.
  4. Dogs must be graded at least “GOOD” at a dog show to qualify for a breed survey.
  5. Any dog that has a disqualifying fault, (monorchid, missing teeth etc) will not be permitted to breed and no papers will be issued to its offspring.
  6. As per rules no dog or bitch can be accepted for Breed Survey unless graded with the minimum qualification “GOOD”. Henceforth, pups bred from a dog or bitch not graded “GOOD” will not be eligible for micro-chipping nor will pedigree papers be issued to them. It will therefore be a requirement for the Breeder to present the Award Card in the case of a dog or bitch not Breed Surveyed to the Group Breed Warden at the time of applying for the litter to be micro-chipped. Group Breed Wardens are advised to ensure compliance to avoid any hardship.
  7. DNA samples for the entire litter shall be collected at the time of micro-chipping. No pedigree papers shall be issued for any puppies where the DNA sample has not been collected.
  8. With immediate effect it has been decided that only a member of the GSDCP or KCP shall enter and exhibit a German Shepherd Dog at an event organized by the GSDCP.The existing rule that only a dog/bitch graded with a minimum rating of “Good” shall be allowed to be bred from will be strictly enforced. Henceforth, only a dog/bitch graded “Good” will be allowed to apply for a Breed Survey. The age for Breed Survey will remain the same i.e after attaining 18 months. The WUSV conference in Ulm 2005 unanimously decided that no VA grading overseas at a Sieger Show shall be after 2007 given to a dog/bitch that does not possess a training qualification, pass the courage test at the show breed survey, hip clearance “A” stamp and DNA check. The GSDCP will therefore step up the program to install all these requirements well before the cut off date. The Breeding Committee will decide which of these requirements can be implemented by the end of the year 2006. Stud certificates are required to be issued and forwarded to the GSDCP within 15 days of such stud having taken place. This is not being followed in all cases. Group Breed Wardens are being advised to confirm receipt of the stud certificate with the Secretary of the GSDCP prior to making a request to the NBW for micro-chipping.