From January 01, 2015, German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan has included an endurance trial as part of the pre-qualification process for a breed survey. This Endurance Trial comprises of a 5 KM run for the dog, where it covers the distance in two equal lengths separated by a 10 minute rest period. This trial can be attempted any time after the dog is Twelve Months old and before the breed survey.

The procedure requires the owner/handler to request the relevant Group Breed Warden for an appointment, and then for the Group Breed Warden to monitor this trial at his earliest convenience. The Group Breed Warden then puts his signature, the date for the test and the result at the back of the pedigree document in the relevant section.

The trial is run at a gentle trot, and the pads of the dog are to be inspected during the 10 minute rest period. The trial will immediately be stopped by the Group Breed Warden if he notices undue stress or exhaustion on part of the dog. A dog failing this test may reattempt once after a minimum period of 21 days. A dog failing twice will not be allowed to re-attempt the trial.