Dear Members,

We have received a notification from the WUSV regarding the dogs Onar v. Feetback, Omir v. Feetback and Omar v. Feetback.

The notification is being reproduced hereunder, for your reference and with a copy of the letter in English downloadable here.

Subject: Studbook SV – Future Studbook WUSV

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Dear Members:

Reference is made again to the statement as made by the WUSV president Professor Dr. Heinrich MeBler on the occasion of this year’s WUSV GeneralAnnual Assembly on September 04,20!7, and we are kindly permitting ourselves to remind you once again of the following situation.

As you were informed by the president, the progeny of the following males shall not be registered with the SV Studbook as well as the future WUSV Studbook untilfurther notice will be given.

  • Onar v. Feetback, JR 750376, Chip-Nummer 688035000143170
  • Omir v. Feetback, JR 750378, Chip-Nummer 688052000073399
  • Omar v. Feetback, lR 749634, Chip-Nummer 688038000066271

The above mentioned shall apply until a verified pedigree certificate in terms of the DNA identification as well as the health status in terms of the HD and ED examination can be presented for all three dogs.

Your kind consideration is very much appreciated.

With kind regards,

Hartmut Setecki
WUSV Secretary General

If you have any questions regarding this notification, please feel free to direct your inquiries to the GSDCP office –