VA(BSZS) Quantum von Arminius ()

General Information

Height At Withers: 65.00 cm Depth Of Chest: 33.00 cm
Chest Circumference: 84 cm Weight: 38.50 kg
Colour & Markings: Black - Brown Hair: Stock Hair

Breed Survey Report:

Big, strong, lot of type, very good expression, very good height to length proportions. High wither, good construction of croup, which should be a little longer. Very good front and hind angulation. Front and rear parallel movement. Very roomy powerful movement. Positive nerves. TSB pronounced; releases.

Assessment During Stand and While Moving

Gender Characteristics: Constitution:
Expression: Proportions:
Bones: Musculature:
Stand And Limbs - Front: Stand And Limbs - Rear:
Back: Elbow Closure:
Front Pastern Firmness: Front:
Croup: Hock Firmness:
Gait: Trot Front:
Trot Hind Thrust: Nails:
Feet: Head:
Eye Color: Upper Jaw:
Lower Jaw: Bite:
Teeth Faults: Neutered: No
Hip: Almost Normal Elbows: Normal DNA Status: Proven

Breed Surveyor Knabe