About the GSDCP

About the GSDCP

About The Club

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan (GSDCP) was formed in 1980 after more than five decades of breeding German Shepherd Dogs under the auspices of firstly the Kennel Club of India, then the Kennel Club of Pakistan after partition. The German Shepherd Dog has established without doubt that it is the most popular breed on the sub-continent as it is in the rest of the world.

The Club was formed to promote the breeding, keeping and training of the German Shepherd Dog along the lines of the ideals promoted by the Weltunion für Deutsche Schäferhunde Vereine (WUSV), which was formed as the extension of the European Union in 1976. The GSDCP became a full-fledged member of the WUSV in 1981 and has since then played a very active role in the affairs of the WUSV.

Since the formation of the GSDCP rapid strides have been made by the GSD in Pakistan and the age old maladies of fine boned, short-haired animals without undercoats, snipey heads, bad temperaments, faulty structural construction and poor movement which dominated the scene, disappeared rapidly. Today, we can boast of producing dogs of a very good type and construction, which could do justice to the breed both here and internationally. A planned breeding program incorporating the best bloodlines available in the world has facilitated this stride. Vastly improved standards of rearing, handling and keeping of these dogs have played an enormous role in this development.

The Club has organised dog shows, with great success, judged by famous German and other International Judges. These include the President of the WUSV and SV, Herr Hermann Martin, the National Breed Warden of the SV, Herr Dr. Beck, and the President of COAPA, Sig. Julio Brisola, among others. In addition, the Club has organised a Seminar on Hip Dysplasia and two Breeders’ Conferences and also implemented the Breed Survey Program in 1999-2000, holding three breed surveys in Lahore and Karachi.

For many years Pakistani owned and bred dogs have competed at the highest forums for the GSD in the world including the World Championship (Bundesiegerzuchtschau) and Crufts with much success and have annexed the World Championship no less than four times and the Supreme Championship at Crufts on two occasions. The GSD in Pakistan is considered highly internationally.

The future of the GSD in Pakistan is dependent on intensive hard work and application of the knowledge and experience we have gained first hand and those which we continue to receive and absorb from our association at the highest level through the WUSV. The Hip-Dysplasia program and other genetic scientific development exercises must be implemented in order to produce GSDs that could compete at the international level. At the same time, the working side of the breed must be developed alongside the show aspect to enable us to extract the maximum from this wonderful breed and promote those amongst us who are primarily interested in the working and utility side. We have to pay heed to the nutritional needs and aspect and develop a dog food and other elements absolutely essential for the correct growth and development of a young animal. Similarly, in the veterinary field we must actively work towards promoting veterinary sciences and veterinary medicine in order to ensure that our animals receive the best medical attention and treatment, valuable as they are.

There exists a perfect working relationship between the GSDCP and the Kennel Club of Pakistan, which is the canine control authority in the country. On behalf of the KCP, the GSDCP registers German Shepherd Dogs and all events are organised under KCP rules and regulations and with its approval. Only judges approved by the KCP are appointed to officiate at the shows held by the Club and the championship point systems are as per the KCP rules and regulations.