News & Updates

News & Updates

Fradulent Registration Documents - Buyer Beware!

It has come to the Club's notice that some criminal-minded individuals are perpetrating a fraud on the unsuspecting public by selling them puppies/dogs with forged documents. They claim that these documents have been issued by the GSDCP. read now

Puppy Buyers Beware!

The coat colours BLUE and WHITE in German Shepherd Dogs are not permitted and not recognized by SV, GSDCP, WUSV and all WUSV Member organizations. read now

No further applications for approval of over age mating shall be entertained.

Litters out of Males at or over 8 years of age on the day of mating, and/or Females at or over 8 years of age on the day the litter is whelped, will not be registered. read now

SV Board's Circular Letter Regarding Dog's Training and Animal Welfare

Reproduced here for our members' benefit is the circular letter issued by the Board of Directors for Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. read now

Longstock Hair German Shepherd Dogs bred to Stock Hair German Shepherd Dogs

Notice about the practice of mating Longstock Hair German Shepherd Dogs with Stock Hair German Shepherd Dogs. read now