Breeders' Conference 2024

Hats off to Mr. Faheem Asghar and the Garrison Country & Golf Club, Lahore for organizing this outstanding event! Read more

Rescheduling of the GSDCP OG Show - Sheikhupura

The Sheikhupura show - originally scheduled for December 17, 2023 - has been rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. Read more

Transition of the Chairmanship of the National Show Committee

We are pleased to let you know about the reconstitution of the National Show Committee within the GSDCP. We want to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Chairman, Mr. Tariq Durrani, for his unwavering dedication and commendable service to the committee during his tenure. Read more

Amendment in the Maximum Breeding Age for a Dog and Bitch

The National Breed Council of the German Shepherd Dog Club Pakistan (GSDCP) has amended the breeding rule regarding the maximum breeding age of dogs and bitches. Read more

Muzafar Husain Memorial Sieger Show - 2023

We are delighted to announce the Muzafar Husain Memorial Sieger Show 2023, which will be held on February 04 and 05, 2023, at KCP Ground, Rose Garden, Bahria Town, Lahore, in celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of the late Mr. Muzafar Husain, founder of the GSDCP. This show is a unique opportunity for German Shepherd Dog lovers and owners across Pakistan to come together and pay homage to one of our most beloved canine... Read more

Appendix Register - Stud Book 2

In line with the WUSV German Shepherd Dog Breeding program, the GSDCP is pleased to announce an appendix register, "Stud Book 2", specifically for purebred German Shepherd Dogs not registered with the club. This would provide an alternative for owners of purebred - albeit unregistered - German Shepherds and allow them to enjoy the ownership of a healthy GSD still. Read more

Fradulent Registration Documents - Buyer Beware!

It has come to the Club's notice that some criminal-minded individuals are perpetrating a fraud on the unsuspecting public by selling them puppies/dogs with forged documents. They claim that these documents have been issued by the GSDCP. Read more

Puppy Buyers Beware!

The coat colours BLUE and WHITE in German Shepherd Dogs are not permitted and not recognized by SV, GSDCP, WUSV and all WUSV Member organizations. Read more

No further applications for approval of over age mating shall be entertained.

Litters out of Males at or over 8 years of age on the day of mating, and/or Females at or over 8 years of age on the day the litter is whelped, will not be registered. Read more

SV Board's Circular Letter Regarding Dog's Training and Animal Welfare

Reproduced here for our members' benefit is the circular letter issued by the Board of Directors for Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. Read more

Longstock Hair German Shepherd Dogs bred to Stock Hair German Shepherd Dogs

Notice about the practice of mating Longstock Hair German Shepherd Dogs with Stock Hair German Shepherd Dogs. Read more

New GSDCP National Judges

The GSDCP announced the appointment of two new national breed judges on June 27, 2020. Read more

Notification – Entries for the Show Season 2019 – 2020

There have been some rules implemented in the automated show entry software. Read more

WUSV Breeding Program for German Shepherd Dogs

The Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) – the World Union for the Associations of German Shepherd Dogs – and its member organizations aim at the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs that are healthy, well socialized, and highly performing as well as resilient working and service... Read more

Notification Regarding Delinquent Accounts

It has been observed that quite a few members have accounts with the GSDCP with outstanding dues. Read more

The GSDCP and The WUSV

The GSDCP and the WUSV Read more

Notification Regarding Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Important notification regarding exhibition of dogs without HIP and Elbow Dysplasia Scores. Read more

Letter from the President SV & WUSV

The President SV & WUSV wrote an open letter, which is being published here for the benefit of our members. Read more

Notice - Termination of Membership

Notification regarding Termination of Membership of Mr. Saqib Islam Rana (Membership No. T-1066), Mr. Saeed Anwar Raza (Membership No. T-1057) and Syed Maisam Ali Rizvi (Membership No. T-1050) Read more

Notice – Reinstatement of Membership

Notification regarding reinstatement of Dr. Faisal Kahn's membership. Read more

Order under Section 42(4) of the Companies Ordinance 1984 in the matter of German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan

Ruling of the Commissioner (CL) of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan against Khawaja Saad Saleem in the matter of M/s German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan Read more

Notice – Stud Certificates

Important notification regarding timely submission of stud certificates. Read more

Notice – Termination of Membership

Notification regarding termination of membership of Mr. Saad Saleem (Membership No. T-1049), Mr. Anwar Husain (Membership No. P-003), Mr. Faisal Khan (Membership No. P-050), Mr. Ammad Zafar Cheema (Membership No. T-1054) and Mr. Haroon Sadiq (Membership No. T-1048) Read more

Special Notice for Cancellation of Pedigrees

Immediate Cancellation of Pedigrees Read more

Re-Election of Mr. Imran Husain to the WUSV

It is with a feeling of immense pleasure and great pride that we announce the re-election of our beloved President Mr. Imran Husain to the WUSV Board of Directors on September 8, 2014, at the WUSV General Assembly in Nürnberg! Read more

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Diagnostic Programme

GSDCP launches its HD/ED Programme! Read more