Notice – Termination of Membership


It is notified that the membership of Mr. Saad Saleem (Membership No. T-1049), Mr. Anwar Husain (Membership No. P-003), Mr. Faisal Khan (Membership No. P-050), Mr. Ammad Zafar Cheema (Membership No. T-1054) and Mr. Haroon Sadiq (Membership No. T-1048), has been terminated vide Resolution Number 2015-011 dated August 07, 2015, reproduced below:

“Resolution by Circulation of the Managing Committee
German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan

Resolution: 2015-011
Dated: August 7, 2015

It has come to the knowledge of the members of the Managing Committee that Mr. Saad Saleem (Membership No. T-1049) along with 4 other members, namely Mr. Anwar Husain (Membership No. P-003), Mr. Faisal Khan (Membership No. P-050), Mr. Ammad Zafar Cheema (Membership No. T-1054) and Mr. Haroon Sadiq (Membership No. T-1048) have formed a parallel organization by the same name and have acquired a license under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

In consideration of the above it is resolved that the membership of the said five be terminated with immediate effect for having acted against the interest of the club.

It is further resolved that all benefits and services that they have availed, including registrations, pedigrees, breed surveys and awards be – and are – hereby withdrawn/revoked.”

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